Analytic Strategy

We help clients move from their current level of analytic maturity to the next level, with the objective of deriving more value from their program. For example, transforming a program mired in a morass of managed reports to one that also produces “nuggets” of valuable information on key business drivers. Or helping  a data warehouse program that has all the right data, but can’t attract end-users.

We develop analytic strategies focused on business outcomes, not technology.

Analytic Needs Assessment

Have you ever said “I’m flying blind.” 

Does your analytic platform provide answers rapidly enough? How reliable are the results? If you knew the answer to any key question within your organization, could you materially “move the needle?”

In an analytic needs assessment we help identify those key questions and business drivers. We quantify the potential value of knowing the answers to those questions. And we determine what data and information (inside and outside the organization) would be required to get answers.

Performance Management Framework

We put a concrete framework in place to help you clearly articulate your goals and objectives, establish measurement criteria to gauge progress and action plans to achieve success. This framework can be used at any level in the organization, from departmental to enterprise and we advise it as part of a program turnaround.

Program Assessment
 & Turnaround

When assessing your  analytic programs we take a wholistic approach. Typical dimensions to be examined are:

  • Analytic needs
  • IT-Business engagement
  • People & organization
  • Data quality
  • Technology capabilities & infrastructure