Qlik™ Expert Services

Qlik™ remains one of the most exciting things to happen in BI in recent years. It’s a clear leader for rapid time-to-value projects and stunning dashboards. And more and more we’re seeing Qlik™ deployed in enterprise roll-outs and global BI programs.

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Implementation & Development

We offer a full complement of implementation and Qlik™-certified development services. We can implement projects from start to finish. Either with our resources alone, or in conjunction with your team.

Quick Start

So you’ve purchased Qlik™, and your project is due in one month. Now what? … Our Quick Start program is especially for clients who need to get up and running quickly. It is designed with three simple goals in mind:

  1. perform a basic system install and setup
  2. build the first application and deploy it to the server
  3. train end-users on the application

The Quick Start engagement is often coupled with Training services to ensure strong knowledge transfer to your team. In this scenario, your developer(s) would shadow the consultant to observe “real-world” application development.

QlikView™ System Deployment

Planning, installation and configuration of your QlikView™ system, including QlikView™ Server, Publisher, PDF Distributor, etc. Also performed is the integration with Active Directory or LDAP.

Application Development

Requirements gathering and analysis. Design and development of back- and front-end components (i.e. script and dashboard). The deliverable for these engagements are fully functioning applications, typically deployed to a Qlik™ server.

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Enterprise Deployment

How do you grow your Qlik™ program from a few dozen users and a handful of applications to hundreds of users and dozens of applications? Scaling Qlik™ into the enterprise requires deep experience across the product suite and strategic & tactical planning.

Typical enterprise deployment engagements involve heavy collaboration between our consultant(s) and your organization: business stakeholders, BI team and technical operations.

Enterprise Deployment Assessment

We perform a current-state analysis of your Qlik™ program: applications, technical architecture, development practices, user community and business benefits. We work with your stakeholders and BI team to understand the business objectives and future plans for the Qlik™ program.

We document and deliver findings and recommendations to advance the program to provide enterprise-wide value. A key deliverable is a roadmap of activities (technical, training, etc.) for this transition.

Enterprise Best Practices

We train your group on best practices tailored to advancing your Qlik™ program per the roadmap. This session typically follows an Enterprise Deployment Assessment. Subsequent sessions are held as the program and team gain maturity.

Enterprise Deployment Configuration

In cases where you do not have enough resources or time to perform the necessary work to deploy Qlik™ in the enterprise, we can provide consultants to do the “heavy lifting.” This is a great way to move quickly and works best if your key resources shadow our consultant.

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We’ve structured various training services to grow Qlik™ skills and knowledge in your team. Our services range from formal training programs and mentoring to workshops.

Classroom Training

Our classroom training is unique in that we use your data to teach the concepts and perform the hands-on exercises. We provide courses for both developer and designer roles, each of which are tailored to run two or three days.

Prior to the training course, we work with you to get a slice of your data and a basic understanding of what information would be valuable in a dashboard. Also, we discuss various “elective” topics with you to fine-tune the course to your needs.


As your Qlik™ team matures in skill, they will outgrow the scope of formal, classroom training. As a way to continue their learning process and bridge any gaps in knowledge we offer one-on-one or small group mentoring sessions. The mentoring sessions are usually conducted virtually, for one or two hours at a time. The content to be covered is selected by your team.


Visual Design Principles

Having the right data is only half of a successful dashboard. Being able to effectively “tell the story” is the other half. The Visual Design Principles workshop enables dashboard developers to take their solutions to the next level.

Half-day and full-day versions of this workshop are available. The full-day version builds on the foundation by including additional hands-on exercises (e.g. building a theme) and a final critique session.

Metadata Management

Qlik™ applications and systems have no shortage of metadata. However, effectively accessing and monitoring those data requires some know-how and effort.

In this one-day workshop we …

  1. educate your team on what metadata are available and how to access them
  2. how to utilize the metadata, with a focus on the business value
  3. install & configure metadata extraction & collection tools
  4. work with your team to build a roadmap for evolving the Metadata Management discipline into your program
Development Best Practices

As with most software platforms, there are right ways and wrong ways of developing Qlik™ applications. In the best practices workshop we review scripts and dashboards already developed by your team, identify areas for opportunity and then share proven techniques, tips and tricks to improve their development practices.

Qlik™ Data Architecture

Qlik™ solutions can be deployed in various scenarios, from one-off, “point” solutions, to analytic data marts, to full-blown data warehouse implementations.

In this two-day workshop we gather information about your application landscape, project pipeline and user base. We educate your team on best practices for various Qlik™ data architectures. Then we map your program needs to the architecture options. Finally, we deliver a set of recommendations and a roadmap.

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