REBOOT! an awesome trick to simulate OnOpen

June 12th, 2013 by Bill Lay Leave a reply »

Do you use OnOpen triggers in your application? Isn’t it a pain to have close and then re-open the app to test them?

I accidentally happened across a very cool technique to simulate the re-opening, and thus re-triggering of the actions. It’s as simple as toggling the WebMode.

  1. Enable WebMode by clicking the button in the tool bar
  2. Click it again to turn it off, and the OnOpen triggers will fire


Too easy, huh?!


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  1. Shilpan says:

    Nice tip, Bill! I like these subtle tips. It would be nice to know these time saving tips as Qliktech is not documenting it.

    I found out that you can use Must_include in your include statement to force Qlikview to stop the script, if the include file doesn’t exist. Without the must prefix, Qlikview happily accepts it even in case when file is missing or misspelled.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Bill
    I encountered this ‘feature’ a couple of weeks ago but have to say I find it a bit of a pain from a design point of view. When designing a screen and jumping in and out of webmode to realise how the screen performs it becomes a chore, in my case, of resetting the default sheet deisplayed along with on-open filters which may be applied… I would prefer it didn’t function like this or even better, an option to switch the effect on/off

    • Bill Lay says:

      I certainly see your point on this Dave. In practice I don’t find myself toggling in and out of Web Mode often. It’s more likely that I’m doing it towards the end of a build to help ensure things will look good in AJAX … or at least simulate it.